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HeForShe’s mission is to create true gender equality across the globe. Although people everywhere understand and support the idea of gender equality, what many don’t realize is that it’s not just a women’s issue, it’s a human rights issue. HeForShe is inviting people around the world to stand together to create a bold, visible force for gender equality.

Inspire people to take action in their daily lives to fight stereotypes, speak up for equality, and spread the message to others. When 50% of the population is not able to access the same opportunities as the other 50%, 50% of every country around the world is held back. As humanity stands currently, we are a mere half of everything we could be. Find a way to influence movers and shakers. This is NOT just about talking to men. Gender equality is not a women’s issue, it’s an everyone issue. ~ Matt Eastwood, WORLDWIDE CHIEF CREATIVE OFFICER, J. WALTER THOMPSON


The Sexist Machine 

Encouraging people to have a conversation about the issue of gender equality, over a can of soda. This mobile vending machine is designed to address the issue of the gender equality – specifically the gender pay gap, in a very provoking way. It’s demonstrates and highlight the dismal stats around the male/female pay gap.




We place these vending machines in high traffic areas. Using facial recognition technology, the machine detects the gender of the buyer. If it detects a male buyer, the can of soda costs $1. A female buyer will only pay $0.80 for the can of soda. This machine is designed to reward the female buyer and challenge the statistic that females earn 20% less than their male counterparts. The can of soda will be the conversation starter and inspire more people, both male and female to take action in their daily lives and fight for equal value for all.




Non Typical Endorsements

We teamed up with LinkedIn to bring about change and create more conversation about the issue of gender equality. Using LinkedIn endorser feature we challenge double standard and gender stereotype. We create a list of skills typically associated with particular gender and encourage their connection to endorse them. 


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Live Sport. Reignite the interest of young people in watching live sport.

Ah, watching the big match, sitting down with your mates, with your old man, and your football-obsessed mum, taking in a huge cultural moment, we all do it right? Unfortunately, things are changing. Across the planet, sport viewing numbers are in decline. Be it the Super Bowl, the English Premier League, the Olympics, young people are no longer tuning into sport in the same numbers that they used to. Instead there has been a shift towards social and scripted content, and of course, eSport. So how do we bring them back?

Come up with a creative platform or idea that can reignite the interest of young people in watching live sport. In essence, this is a “why sport?” brief. How do we make sport relevant to young people again? This is a massive brief, and one that is of huge importance to the sport world. In light of that, ideas need to be big, they need to be emotive, and capture the mood of society, they need to be Zeitgeist-like nature. So no gimmicks, no small fry app ideas, or lame-duck activation ideas, it is the time to flex your copy and art muscles, sport is a powerful medium, here is your chance to use it, think global, think universal, think “impossible is nothing, just do it, it’s half-time, America, It’s not crazy, it’s sport.” Yeah, baby, let’s smash it out the park! ~ David Smith, Founder, BLOOD UTD


Be The Game Changer. 

We celebrate the emotions, the drama, the highs and the lows of watching sport – live at the arenas. The feeling that doesn’t come with watching it on tiny screens and playback loops. We challenge people to go back to the game, to change the game.


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Refugees Crisis in Canada. It’s Time to Step Up.

Refugees are pouring into Canada. Syrian refugees, escaping this decade’s worst tragedy.  And American refugees, escaping, well,… As Canadians, we’re happy to welcome them. We’ve been called the best in world at accepting them. And we probably are. But we’re not so good at integrating them and making sure they thrive.

Come up with new ways for companies to facilitate refugees’ integration in Canada. The idea has to be mutually beneficial to both the brand and to refugees, i.e, you can’t ask brands to simply donate money to the cause. ~ Pascal De Decker, TBWA SINGAPORE

Idea 01

Number Without Borders 

We celebrate the emotions, the drama, the highs and the lows of watching sport – live at the arenas. The feeling that doesn’t come with watching it on tiny screens and playback loops. We challenge people to go back to the game, to change the game.


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Idea 02

The Connecting Cup 

We turn an everyday coffee cup into a conversation starter, a connection point for locals and refugees to find an area of interest that might be mutually beneficial. Each cup is printed with an introduction of a Syrian refugee and his/her skill or specialty. The cup turns into a new medium for locals and Syrian refugees to connect in the most unexpected way.


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Idea 03

Warmth Exchange 

The Canadian government has been very open and welcoming to refugees. However, one of the things the refugees have to learn to deal with is the often, extreme winter cold. Canada Goose, Canada’s favourite coat company that specialises in weather outerwear, turn their outdoor media buy into a wardrobe with hangers. The brand kicks off this initiative by placing a range of coats, ready to be taken by anyone, particularly refugees in need of warm outerwear. 

To keep this coat hanger constantly full, we encourage the people of Canada to bring forward any jacket that they would like to share with and place it on the hanger. Simply put, this coat hanger becomes an exchange point for both refugees and local Canadians, sharing warmth through the winter.



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Cataract. They are blind because they are poor. They are poor because they are blind.

There are around 7 million blind people in Indonesia. Over half of these people suffer from a certain type of blindness – cataracts. A condition that is curable, in most cases. But in a part of the world where the minimum wage per month is under USD150, most of the sufferers can’t afford the surgery. As a result, they remain blind for most of their lives. If that’s not tragic enough, the surgery itself comprises a simple procedure that takes a mere twenty minutes. And it can completely restore vision.

Fortunately, there are a number of wonderful people out there working towards treating preventable blindness. The John Fawcett Foundation. Helen Keller International. The Fred Hollows Foundation. Google them. All the info you need is there. ~ Gary Steele & Hagan de Villiers, Executive Creative Directors, TBWA SINGAPORE


Pay Two View 

Get people to change they pay to view channel into Pay Two View. In collaboration with Netflix, we select the latest, most watched series and layered the blurring effect over the first 20 mins of an episode because all it takes to run simple procedure to completely restore vision for cataracts sufferers. This temporary bluring is accompanied by an option for the viewer to donate $5 to restore their view or just skip the blurring effect.


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Planned Parenthood is getting attacked.

Just last week, President Trump signed an executive order banning federal funds for international organizations that promote or practice abortions overseas. This includes the International Planned Parenthood Federation. We are entering a pro-life government that is not only making abortion the enemy, but Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood has always been about offering women the full spectrum of reproductive health care. This includes STD testing, vaccines, birth control, pregnancy testing and services, sex education, LGBT services, men’s sexual health and general health care. It is a place that offers you information, education and services to be healthy. It’s a place you go when you have a question, a concern, an issue. It’s a place you go for help. It’s a place that helps you make your decision on what to do with your body. ~ Azsa West & Sara Phillips, CREATIVE DIRECTOR W+K TOKYO & ART DIRECTOR W+K PORTLAND



More Than Just ‘A’ for Abortion 

We showcase the other services offered by Planned Parenthood, from A-Z, and highlight the benefit this organisation offers. This will encourage people to be more aware about what Planned Parenthood actually stands for. The deeper we dig into the issue and find out the scope of this organisation, the more we can actually play up the prevention story.