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adidas Digital Shelf is the future of retail. The new adidas shopping experience is an interactive platform where you can cozy up to our entire collection and experience each feature and design in rich detail. It helps you to find the perfect pair of shoes, and also introduces new products based on your shopping style.


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Interactive In Store, Transparent LCD Screen

Supercolor is a celebration of equality through diversity. We created a branded video that breaks history boundaries and a beat that defies conventions and an expression that fights for equality. We also designed a retail Supercolour booth only at Adidas Original Store Singapore. 

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Interactive In Store Game

Driving product engagement by reimagining the classic game experience. Sneakers and gaming are inexorably tied together. We created a sneaker claw machine. It was created to drive awareness of the new Supercolour Sneakers and drumming up enthusiasm ahead of the claw machine activation, users earned tokens they could use to play a Supercolour claw machine for instant win prizes – Supercolour Sneaker.


Interactive In Store, Transparent LCD Screen

Football is Changing – In the style and way it is played and in the types of players who grace the game. For a team to be successful you need two types of player –Playermakers who orchestrate and control everything, and Gamechangers who smash the defence and cause chaos.



We develop interactive content to educate people about the new football positioning and range of shoes. This digital shelf is equipped with transparent screen that animate and interact showcasing adidas Ace and X inside.